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Vinay Singh

Singh is a Partner at Archer Gray, the accomplished production, media investment, and venture capital company that leverages its multi-faceted expertise to bring stories, new ideas, products, and audiences together in singular, dynamic ecosystem unlike any other in the industry. Singh currently leads the firm’s venture capital and content finance businesses, and has overseen investments in disruptive media companies including Littlstar, ShareGrid, and Battlefy; films such as SXSW Audience Award Winner TRANSMILITARY and Michael Moore’s WHERE TO INVADE NEXT; and theater productions including The Elephant Man. Singh combines a proficiency in business strategy with an established track record in content finance and distribution. He has advised some of the leading names in the sector including Vimeo and Indiegogo. Prior to joining Archer Gray, Singh headed the consulting division of Cinetic Media. While there, he managed an international portfolio of clients ranging from tech companies to film financiers and was actively involved in project finance and sales. Singh has also produced several narrative and documentary films that have premiered at Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca, serves on the boards of Rooftop Films and EFM Innovation Platform, and is a member of Made in NY Media Center’s Innovation Committee.