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March 2-3, 2017


March 2-3, 2017


Join industry power-players…

…including Roy Salter, Broderick Johnson, Jim Moore, Basil Iwanyk, Andrew Kosove, Jason Sklar, Nick Meyer, Nicolas Chartier, Clinton Foy and Sunny Dhillon to address such topics as:

• Making Studio Movies with Independent Money
• The Rise of SVODs and its Impact on Valuation
• Capitalizing on Emerging Virtual Reality Technology & Content
• The New Television Landscape and How Investors Fit In
• Film Finance Restructured: More Money, More Places

What is EFF?

The Entertainment Finance Forum (EFF) is a comprehensive two-day conference, which explores how to monetize the innovative revolution that the entertainment industry is going through. Content producers are finding ways to tell their stories across multiple platforms. Marketers and distributors are getting more creative in reaching wider audiences. Developers of new technology are playing a major role in how content is consumed. Viewers are becoming more savvy and demanding stronger content. And more than ever – there is an abundance of prospects for investors to fuel growth and make meaningful revenues. Hence we are continuing to build on our new series of conferences. EFF was created to bridge the gap between those who have created new and innovative ideas, content and platforms with those who are actively developing and fueling the growth of such projects and enterprises.

Who should attend?

EFF was designed and produced by Winston Baker to provide insight to equity and debt financiers on investment opportunities, challenges and strategies for increased upside as they relate to film, TV and technology innovations to enhance the entertainment experience. The forum also offers workshops and sessions for producers and innovators looking for effective approaches to fundraising, marketing, distribution, and profitability.

Our attendees have included venture capitalists, private equity and hedge fund managers, angel investors, private family office managers, and financial advisers who are interested in learning more about the entertainment business and to meet with seasoned deal-makers in the industry. Additionally entertainment and media executives working on operational, business affairs, financing, production and distribution strategies have also joined our conferences to gain insight on cutting edge information and to take advantage of our various networking opportunities.

Hear from award-winning producers, entertainment executives, game changers, and financiers representing billions in capital dedicated to investments in film, television, virtual reality, gaming, digital and mobile applications…all at one conference.




“As we continue to host these forums around the world, we are witnessing a major paradigm shift in the way content is being financed, incentivized, produced, distributed, marketed, consumed and monetized. The industry is rapidly evolving, thus it is more important than ever to provide our series of forums throughout the year globally,” –  Katherine Winston, Co-Founder of Winston Baker and the Film Finance Forum ® Series.