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Timothy Johnson

A member of the Producers Guild of America since 2008, Tim Johnson has worn the titles of Producer, Production Manager, Department Manager, Project Manager and founder among others. 

Whatever Tim is working on, he’s on the lookout for opportunities, for efficiency gains, for new avenues for growth, for perspectives and angles previously unexamined.

Most recently, Tim worked as the VR & VFX producer at Legend, handling tasks ranging from development, physical production, post-production oversight, team management and client relations for project ranging from Warner Brother’s Suicide Squad VR presentation, to Van Jones’ Project Empathy.

In his 20 years in the industry, Tim has worked on the production side in pre-production, physical production, traditional post, post finishing, VR and VFX, including stints as an original content producer for Morgan Freeman’s ClickStar digital download service.  A service that would prove to be 6 years ahead of its time. 

Beyond ClickStar, Tim has successfully managed 100+ person teams on over 60 major tentpoles, through exceptionally challenging deadlines.

A limited list of Tim’s credits can be found on IMDB.com