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Adrienne Becker

Sourcing New Deals: Financing Content vs. Tech Startups

Adrienne Becker is CEO and Co-Founder of Level Forward, a storytelling company addressing the systemic challenges and opportunities of equality-driven innovation through creative excellence. Ms. Becker is formerly an entrepreneur-in-residence at Creative Artists Agency, CEO of DailyCandy, Inc., and SVP at The Nielsen Company and InterActive Corp. She got her start on an airport tarmac in Philadelphia, where she held her first critically important position “rope line holder” for then Governor Bill Clinton. Ms. Becker is an alumnus of the Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania, where she learned how to communicate. She sits on the Boards of Youth + Tech + Health, the Story Pirates, the B-Stem Project for Young Women and Killer Content, where she was a Co-Founder and CEO. @levelforward