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12:52 PM PST 3/2/2017 by Mia Galuppo

Photo Courtesy of Brigade Marketing

“Films help us see ourselves in folks who otherwise might be quite different,” said the exec.

Amazon’s Ted Hope was honored on Thursday morning at the Entertainment Finance Forum with the inaugural Hope Award.

The honor, which was named after the exec, is meant to recognize an individual’s ability to make great content while creating a sustainable business.

Hope, who comes from a strong background in independent production, was named the head of Amazon’s Original Movies in 2015. He has been involved in the production and distribution of Woody Allen’s Cafe Society and Spike Lee’s Chi-raq, among many other narrative and documentary projects that have come out in the past year.

“Films help us see ourselves in folks who otherwise might be quite different,” said Hope as he accepted the award. “Movies are hope generators, they teach us we can be better.”

Amazon Studios on Sunday became the first streaming service to win Oscars in major categories — a best leading actor nod for Casey Affleck and best original screenplay honors for Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by the Sea.

“Being surrounded by really smart people who don’t settle and say ‘We can build a better model’ has me thinking that our best work is still to come,” said Hope.

He concluded: “It’s our obligation to recognize not just where we are, but where we can get to.”

The two-day Entertainment Finance Forum, presented by Winston Baker, runs through Friday at the W Hotel in Hollywood.